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Internet, phone, audio and video cable installation and repair.

New internet cable and wire installation.

New phone cable and wire installation.

New audio and video cable and wire installation.

Repair of existing internet, phone, audio and video cable and wire.


Not always, it depends on your needs. If you are dealing with a loss of connectivity whether internet or phone,  sometimes, simply replacing the internet or phone wall jacks will resolve the issue. However, if you are setting up a new office and there are no wall jacks to plug into,  you may need a new internet or phone cable installed.

An internet or phone jack is the port in the wall you plug your computer or phone into.

Yes we can, however speakers with crackly or muffled sounds often times will need to be replaced. This is not always the case though, improper or faulty wiring can cause diminished sound quality.

Absolutely! Show us where you would like them relocated to and we will make it so. Not sure where an appropriate place would be? We can help you decide. 

We sure can. We can map out your building and strategically add wireless access points, leaving no area without coverage.

Yes we most certainly can. Not only can we run cable where the terminals will go, we can also help you reinstall your POS terminals and make sure they are properly routed to their corresponding printers.

Consider it done. Not only can we test, we can also replace and repair if need be.

Yes we can. Not only can we wire it up, we can also liaison with your phone service provider and assist with anything they need. Sometimes, your service provider will need to provide hardware capable of multiple phone lines as well as provision your account.